About us

The Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU), was founded in 2002 based on a well-established research achievement over the past 20 years. We are working in all the aspects of ecology and pest management, but focus on the application of ecological principles to real field situations, particularly with biodiversity manipulation in support of ecologically-based pest management in agro-ecosystems.

IAE-FAFU has 40 researchers, including postdoctoral fellow, PhD- and MSc-oriented graduate students. The institute possesses a research building with 5 floors and 2,750 square meters of floor space being composed of 5 major laboratories of biodiversity and ecologically-based pest management, biochemistry and molecular biology, insect behavior and evolution, microbiology and bioremediation, environmental studies, a greenhouse-based building for growing plants and rearing insects, and an experimental station of agro-biodiversity on the Wuyi Mountains. Our institute has also been authorized to be the provincial key lab of biodiversity and eco-safety, the provincial technological platform for safe agricultural products, and part of the provincial key lab of entomology.

Our research areas are currently centered on evolutionary and ecological mechanism of host-pest-enemy interacting system, biodiversity manipulation in support of pest management in agro-ecosystems, ecologically based control of invasive alien species, ecological assessment of genetically-modified crops, bioremediation and healthy management of agro-ecosystems. The primary aims of our research are trying to elucidate essential reasons for the reduction of species and habitat diversity in the fields, to develop new ecologically-based pest management strategies, which, in addition to being ecologically sound, are reliable, effective, economical, practical and environmentally acceptable, and to find possible solutions to the healthy management of crops and agro-ecosystems.

Over the past 20 years, our group has been involved with a number of internationally-, nationally- and provincially-funded projects. As a newly-founded academic research institution, FAFU-IAE will be going with the process of internationalization and globalization. We are therefore looking forward to developing partnership and cooperation with scientists or institutions in China and abroad.

Address: The Institute of Applied Ecology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, FuZhou 350002, PR China

Phone: 86-591-8379-7383

Fax: 86-591-8379-5391

Email: dbm@iae.fjau.edu.cn