Datasets of diamondback moth genome are available from the ftp site.

DBM genome dataset: [README]

        Genome assembly version 1:

        Scaffold sequences of version 1 (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]

        Genome assembly version 2:

        Scaffold sequences of version 2 (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]

        Linkage groups assigned with 171 scaffolds: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Detailed information of scaffold (version 2): [FTP] [HTTP]

        Official Gene set version 1.0 (OGSv1.0):

        Gene sequences of OGSv1.0 (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]

        Coding sequences of OGSv1.0 (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]

        Protein sequences of OGSv1.0 (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]

        GFF3 format file of OGSv1.0: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Annotation of OGSv1:

        UniProt annotations of DBM genes: [FTP] [HTTP]

        GO annotations of DBM genes: [FTP] [HTTP]

        KEGG anotations of DBM genes: [FTP] [HTTP]

        InterPro anotations of DBM genes: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Genes of OGSv1.0 with RPKM values: [FTP] [HTTP]

DBM transcriptome dataset: [README]

        Nucleotide sequences of all unigenes (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]

        Nucleotide sequences of functionally annotated unigenes (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]

        Anotation infomation of unigenes: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Unigenes of egg (Fuzhou-s) in fasta format: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Unigenes of larva (Fuzhou-s)in fasta format: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Unigenes of pupa (Fuzhou-s)in fasta format: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Unigenes of adult (Fuzhou-s)in fasta format: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Unigenes of larva (chlorpyrifs-resistant strain) in fasta format: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Unigenes of larva (fiproil-resistant strain) in fasta format: [FTP] [HTTP]

Other Data:

        We ran the GMAP program using three different types of DBM sequences (unigenes of DBM Fuzhou-S strain, PXS
        genes, ESTs) as a query against DBM genome scaffolds v2 with the following parameter settings: -n 1 --trimmed
        --coverage 0.9 --identity 0.9. Unmapped sequences of above three types were respectively aligned to fosmid
        contigs (>5 kb) of DBM Fuzhou-S strain by GMAP with same parameters. README FOR GMAP RESULT

        Alignments of scaffolds/fosmid contigs and functionally annotated unigenes : [FTP] [HTTP]

        Alignments of scaffolds/fosmid contigs and EST sequences from NCBI: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Alignments of scaffolds/fosmid contigs and putative genes from KONAGAbase: [FTP] [HTTP]

        Fosmid contigs aligned by unmapped sequences of above three datasets (Fasta file): [FTP] [HTTP]


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[Pubmed] [PDF] [Sup.PDF]

2. He,W.Y., You,M.S., Vasseur,L., Yang,G., Xie,M., Cui,K., Bai,J.L., Liu,C.H., Li,X.J., Xu,X.F. et al. (2012) Developmental and insecticide-resistant insights from the de novo assembled transcriptome of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella. Genomics, 99, 169-177.
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3. Tang,W.Q., Yu,L.Y., He, W.Y., Yang,G., Ke,F.S., Baxter, S.W., You,S.J., Douglas,C.J. and You,M.S.(2014) DBM-DB: the diamondback moth genome database. Database (2014) Vol. 2014.
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